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 Shandong weifang liyuan food machinery co., LTD., formerly known as pear food machinery factory, founded in 1987, the company is having food machinery processing and manufacturing experience for many years old 30 private enterprises, with a full set of Japanese technology manufacturing of adzuki bean products equipment production line, the Japanese customers and red bean products company welcome domestic product, the product has reached the international advanced level.
   Company combining with the domestic traditional principle of distillation equipment, exquisite aroma extract technology abroad, after years of research and development, the improvement to create more suitable for domestic use and in the same industry leading level of the world's aroma extraction equipment, equipment extraction from 50-102 ≧ temperature controllable, in a short period of time (atmospheric pressure or negative pressure condition) of raw material is embedded some organic aroma and extracting soluble volatile components, the equipment unit use only pure steam is added in the product of "no chemical additives" process, meet the needs of customers looking for natural nutrition products, to fill the gaps in China this kind of technology research and development, and obtain the relevant patent, for the domestic related enterprises a great contribution to product upgrade! This system is the most outstanding, the most energy-efficient natural aroma extraction system, is a unique and effective vapor liquid - contact device, the aroma material in the material by steam from the tower body extraction, condensation, stored, and to collect natural flavoring.
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